FLUID FILM® Medeco’s Recommended Cylinder Lubricant

October 13th, 2017

Medeco has discontinued KeyLube 2.0 (5.25 oz.) lock lubricant and now recommends FLUID FILM® penetrant and lubricant for routine maintenance to keep cylinders in use and operating smoothly. FLUID FILM is now used exclusively in the Medeco factory, and Medeco recommends FLUID FILM for use in all Medeco cylinders. FLUID FILM is lanolin-based, won’t become sticky or gummy, and provides lubricity up to 10 times longer than other products.

FLUID FILM is available from Medeco in 11.75oz and 2.25oz spray cans.

Part numbers:

PX-KEYLUBE-11     11.75oz Spray

PX-KEYLUBE-02        2.25oz Spray