Introducing Medeco XT Slim Line Key

January 28th, 2015

Medeco is excited to announce the launch of the newest member of the Medeco XT product line…

The Medeco XT “Slim Line” key is ready to order!

Part# EA-100156 – Key only, Key and Charger Kit available soon.

(NOTE: Part number in the printed catalog is incorrect showing EA-10156)

The NEW Medeco XT Key is roughly 40% smaller and 47% lighter than the original. This helps make the new design more aesthetically pleasing and more “pocket-able” than ever. This is a huge advantage when presenting the Medeco XT solution to markets where users are concerned with carrying a larger credential.

Other product highlights include:

  • Polished hardened stainless-steel frame for strength & durability
  • Dual-LED indicators for greater visibility
  • Raised orientation dimples (allows “feeling” the orientation of the key) for ease of use
  • Twice the memory of the original (Industrial) key.*

*Note: The Industrial key will be receiving this upgrade as well. Look for announcement in the near future.