New Master Key Bitting List Request Form

June 2nd, 2014

To provide better service to our customers, Medeco and Arrow Master Key Department has created a new dynamic PDF form for the request of master key system bittings.  This includes requests for pinning charts, key lists, matrices, as well as full systems.  

The form here, allows the user to complete and send the requests for bitting information conveniently online. Once the information is complete, by hitting the “Submit” button, the form is sent directly to

Previously, bitting requests were received via varied means: phone, fax, email. Having a standard process for requesting bittings will increase the ability to track and manage requests more efficiently, reducing lead times. 

 All requests for Master Key bittings are to be submitted using the new process effective immediately.  If you have any questions about the new form and process, please contact the Medeco and Arrow Master Key Dept at 800-839-3157.