Medeco Launches Maxum Deadbolt Campaign with Video Series and Contest

January 20th, 2014



Medeco is proud to announce a video series illustrating how off-the-shelf, Big Box Store deadbolts don’t compare to the strength and security of the Maxum Deadbolt when undergoing the various forms of attack intruders typically use to defeat deadbolts.


This series includes individual videos of the following attacks:

To help promote the videos, Medeco is running a contest on YouTube featuring the first video at of the series (Kicking and Battering Ram Attack). The video shows footage of the Maxum withstanding Kicking and Ramming versus the standard deadbolt which offers little to no resistance to the attack.

To enter, viewers simply watch the Medeco Maxum Kicking and Ramming Video at and leave a comment on the YouTube page. The contest runs until January 31st and the winner will be chosen at random.

Stay tuned for more dealer and distributor tools to help promote this message.