Medeco’s M100 Bundled with a Weigand Hub Is Now Available

October 2nd, 2013

Medeco announces the availability of the M100 Aperio Wholesale Bundle kits. The Medeco M100 Aperio eCylinder unit is a wireless, retrofit mortise access control solution that uses Aperio technology to communicate directly to a new or existing Electronic Access Control system (EAC). It virtually eliminates the need to run cables to, and around, the door opening!

The M100 provides an easy and cost effective method for providing access control to applications where audit trail and monitoring are critical. Communicating wirelessly (IEEE 802.15.4) with the Aperio hub greatly reduces the cost, complexity and inconvenience of bringing wiring to the door opening and allows for greater flexibility and accountability of interior facility doors.

The Aperio hub is a compact ‘antenna’ that receives communication data, including iClass card serial numbers, tamper notifications, lock jam, and low battery signals, from the Aperio cylinder and relays it to the EAC (Electronic Access Control) system. The hub can be easily mounted within 50 feet of the Aperio cylinder and wired directly to the EAC control panel using either Wiegand or RS-485 protocol depending on the EAC system being used. The hub can be paired with up to eight Aperio M100 cylinders.

The M100 Aperio eCylinder Bundle kit consists of all the hardware necessary to install a complete one-door wireless access control solution and creates a simple purchase and installation process, allowing anyone with basic access control knowledge to install the unit. Each kit contains one complete M100 eCylinder unit along with an Aperio Weigand Hub. The units are paired together at the factory and no special training or software is required. The M100 kits are currently available only for iClass systems with a prox version becoming available later in the year.

Additional information:

  1. The M100 Wholesale Kits are now available through authorized dealers
  2. EA-100151-001- iClass, 180°CW, mortise
  3. EA-100151-002-iClass, 180°CCW, mortise
  4. Lead time is 2-4 weeks and units ship from Medeco in Salem, VA.

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