New Product Announcement: Medeco XT Export Demo Kit

October 2nd, 2013

Medeco eCylinder products are quickly gaining interest worldwide.  In response to market interest, Medeco’s Export team has developed an international version of the Medeco XT demo/presentation kit.  The kit contains the Medeco XT product formats most in demand in our distributing countries: SFIC, Padlock, Cam Lock, Rim Cylinder and Euro-Profile Thumbturn Cylinder.

Medeco XT Export Demo Kit Part Numbers:

94-0287 Demo Kit $1,200 List (Programmed to Demo Only)

94-0288 Upgraded Key Assembly/Software Package $300 List

94-0289 Upgraded Key Assembly/Web Hosting Package $300 List

This new kit provides dealers and distributors a comprehensive demonstration package for selling Medeco XT into their markets.

If you have any questions about the new demo kit, please contact Terry Arbogast, Export Manager, at