Electronic Premise Survey Form Requirement for Master Keyed Orders

July 19th, 2013

In an effort to streamline the processing of factory master keyed orders, the Master Key Team has made a modification to the current Master Key Order Requirements: All Door Security master keyed orders that contain 30 lines of keying or greater are required to be submitted in electronic spread sheet format (*.xls, *.csv, *.xlsx, *.odf, etc.) and emailed to with the purchase order. This change will help to ensure that transcription errors are reduced and orders are processed more efficiently.

An excel file of the Premise Survey Form can be obtained by clicking on the link here:  Electronic Premise Survey Form.

Additionally, the Site Survey Wizard App can be used to create a premise survey that is compliant with the new requirement.

To download the Medeco Site Survey App for iPhones or Android devices, please click the respective link below.

iPhone Medeco Site Survey Wizard App

Android Medeco Site Survey Wizard App

If you have any questions about the new electronic premise survey form requirement, please contact Keith Corey at