Combo Credit for Logic, Medeco3 Logic Keys Continued

May 6th, 2013

The Medeco eCylinder Team is happy to announce the continuation of the eCylinder Key and Cylinder Combo Credit. For eCylinder orders placed in 2013, a credit of $50 list for each Medeco Logic or Medeco3 Logic key will be issued where a corresponding amount of Medeco Logic or Medeco3 Logic eCylinders is ordered.

Please note that the invoicing to the dealer will look different. Previously, the discount was taken directly off the list price of the key prior to normal discounting. In 2013 the credit will be listed as a separate line item with a cumulative total with the customer’s discount applied, resulting in a net credit to that order.

• The keys and corresponding cylinders must be on the same order
• The discount cannot be applied retroactively.

If you have any questions, please contact Wes Lutz, eCylinder Product Line Manager, Phone 540-380-1777 or email