Medeco Announces Addition of eCylinder Business Development Specialists

January 17th, 2013

The Medeco eCylinder team is pleased to announce the addition of two new eCylinder Business Development Specialists:

As the East Region eCylinder Business Development Specialist, Andy Hummel will work in lock-step with the sales teams in both the Northeast and Southeast. Andy is based in Raleigh, NC and can be reached at phone: 919-740-3433, and email:



Ryan Baer, former eCylinder Specialist in Southern California, has accepted the position of Central Region eCylinder Business Development Specialist. Ryan will work with the sales teams in the Central U.S. He has relocated to Chicago, IL and can be reached at phone: 312-485-5002, and email:



The goal of the eCylinder Business Development Specialists is to identify and close eCylinder opportunities with a special focus on specific micro-vertical markets where eCylinders present a well-accepted value proposition.

We look forward to the contributions of both new eCylinder team members!