Medeco Product Nomenclature Changes

January 17th, 2013

As a leading global brand, the name Medeco is recognized by security professionals worldwide. In order to leverage the strength of the Medeco brand, we are stream-lining our product names, which had previously been lead by the product technology name, to lead with the Medeco brand first, followed by the product family ID.  With this change, many of the previous product references such as Vertical, Classic, Nexgen XT and KeyMark will no longer be used.

This move allows us to build on the brand equity and value of Medeco, improving both end user recognition of our products and ease of marketing our product via print and web.

Products can now be identified by the following names:

Previous Nomenclature New Nomenclature
KeyMark (Old Generation) Medeco KM
KeyMark X4 Medeco X4
Classic Logic Medeco Logic
Vertical Logic Medeco3 Logic
Nexgen XT Medeco XT

This change will be effective immediately and you will begin to see  the new product names in marketing materials beginning with the upcoming 2013 Medeco Product Catalog. We believe this change will provide our dealers with a more recognized brand name for all Medeco products.